About Repixl

At Repixl, we have one vision: to make professional photo editing cheap, simple and accessible to everyone.

The Big Idea

Professional Photo Editing is nothing new - you've been able to walk in to high street photography retailers and request it for a number of years (before they all closed down, at least). You've also been able to find specialists online who would give you a very personalised and professional service.

The problem, as we saw it, was that it wasn't accessible to everyone. Most people didn't know that it existed, and even if they did, the costs were often prohibitive and the processes long-winded and unnecessary. That's where Repixl comes in.

We use modern technology and process optimisations in order to reduce the duration, inconvenience and ultimately the costs, therefore opening up the possibility of professional photo editing to the masses.

There's no need to learn how to use Photoshop - you just upload your photos using our simple interface, use a very simple menu, then pay (yes, sadly so), and your photos will be returned to you, fixed, before you know it.

We cater for many different types of "Edit", but have broadly grouped them together into their most useful combinations, so whether you have an old photo that could do with some TLC, you're selling on eBay and need professional looking product photos, or you're disappointed with one or two otherwise-great wedding photos, Repixl is here to help you.

The Big Idea - Infographic

How Do We Do It?

It's simple really. Before Repixl, if you were interested in having a photo edited by a professional, you'd have to go through a long and expensive process. You'd need to search for and contact multiple professionals, spend time communicating your requirements, waiting for quotations, making sure the professionals were available within your timescales, transferring files and then pay a premium if you were in a hurry. Most of that time is also "wasted" for the professional - time that they can't spend editing photos, and still have to charge for somehow.

The technology that powers Repixl completely removes that wasted time. When you come to Repixl you know that we're available and already have your "quotation" before you start, and you use your gallery to easily transfer your files. More importantly, the professional editors don't need to waste time acquiring and managing their projects (we've written the software that does that bit for them) - they can just get on with the important bit - editing your photos!

The result of all of this is professional editing that starts at just £1.99, and is often completed in as little as one hour. That wouldn't even have covered communications overheads before!

How We Do It - Infographic

The Team

  • James Bradley

    James Bradley

    Having spent previous lives publishing small independent magazines and retouching photos, it was the frustration of wasted time and lack of simple, affordable solutions that was the inspiration for Repixl.

  • Mark Stringer

    Mark Stringer

    Keen to take on a new and interesting technical challenge, Mark co-founded Repixl with James and developed much of the functionality you're using today.

  • Ben Price

    Ben Price

    Recently out of Univeristy, leaving behind a role of the highest performing Microsoft Brand Ambassador in Europe, Ben joined the team at the beginning of 2013 and is the inspiration for the affiliate programme.

  • Ivan Brazza

    Ivan Brazza

    Filling the role of Junior Developer within the team, Ivan has proven himself to be very capable.

  • Louise Bradley

    Louise Bradley

    As the most remote member of the team, working some 3,000 miles away in Dubai, it's Louise that makes sure that things look as good as they can.