Client Guide

How to create services, submit images, and manage your company

We provide you with access to a global network of 1,445 professional image editors

Our goal is to offer you the most simple way of accessing this network to fulfil your business requirements. We aim to provide a service that automates the processes and workflow, in order to provide the fastest and highest quality service at the best value possible.


A service is a re-usable set of instructions for editing images.

By re-using services, our software learns how best to complete each every job. It learns who the most skilled editors from across the network are for any particular service, and learns which editors will complete each job most cost effectively.


A job is is created for every image that you upload. It has an associated re-usable service which contains the instructions and all relevant information needed for an editor to complete the job. It contains a copy of the original image uploaded, and the 'after' image when complete. Every job is checked via a quality control step to ensure quality, and turned around in under 12 hours.


The platform is set up to allow you to work with colleagues.

The company manager can add users to your company account and every user can transfer their services to the company to allow all company users to share the same services.

All company members share a billing account, so once a new user is added, they can immediately start using any services that have been transferred to the company as soon as they have been added to the company.