Client Guide: Company Billing

Grace Amount

There is a grace amount of £20.00 for every company account.

This allows you to submit jobs up to this value before needing to add a payment method to your account. If you upload a job that would cause your total billaible amount to exceed the grace amount, the upload will fail until you add a payment method.

Payment Method

Update your company's payment method on the company details page. We can accept the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin - coming soon

Company payment method

Please Note: When adding a PayPal account, after confirming your PayPal details on the popup window, you will need to press the 'Update' button for it to save correctly.


Invoices are generated automatically on the 1st of every month and payment collected from your stored payment method. You can see a list of jobs that will be invoiced in the next cycle on the 'Billing & Invoices' page along with the company member that uploaded them and the date submitted. This page also shows a list of paid invoices.