Client Guide: Service Pricing

Initial Price

Every service is unique, and there are many variables that contribute to its price.

They have different instructions and different requirements, and different types of images to be edited. Every editor on the network will take a different amount of time to complete each job, and each editor is paid a different amount for the time that they spend working on each image.

When you first create a new service, an initial price is set that allows for these variables. This price will apply to the first 30 images uploaded. This price is determined by a member of our team, based on similar services that we are already providing. We include a margin of error to ensure that we don't have to increase the price of the service for you in the future.

Optimised Price

The more that you use a service, the better we can predict how much it will cost.

Our software learns who the most efficient editors are for each of your services. It learns how to complete each job as cost-effectively as possible, and learns better the more completed jobs it has to feed into its algorithms.

The more you use a service, the better price we can offer for any quantity of future work.

Our network does not require staff to manage the workflow, and there is no time wasted in finding the most suitable editor for a job. The editors that work on the platform spend 100% of their time actually editing photos, instead of marketing their services, negotiating with clients, or chasing payments.

We make savings from both sides, and are confident that we can offer you an optimised price per image that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

Service prices are optimised at the following intervals:

30 , 100 , 200 , 500 , 1,000 , 10,000 , 100,000