Client Guide: Services

Customisable, re-usable editing services

Services are custom sets of instructions that you can re-use for multiple images - now and in the future.

Our platform learns how to complete each service with the best quality, consistency, and price as possible, by utilising the size of our network, intelligent automatic workflow management and a number of process efficiencies.


The platform learns which editors are most skilled at the requirements of a service. The best editors from our network of 1,445 are selected automatically, based on their previous performance, ensuring that the very best person possible completes each job.


When an editor works on a job, they see a list of completed jobs from that service. They see the before & after images, plus the scores that were awarded during quality control . This allows them and us to ensure consistency & quality across all images for a service, even if they're edited by hundreds (or thousands) of different editors.


We make savings by using our software to replace management & administrative costs to be able to offer you the best price possible per image. See the pricing section for more information.

Ownership & Transferring

When a service is first approved, it is owned by you - the creator. If you have added more users to your company, and would like them to use the same service, then you can transfer the service to your company. Use the 'Transfer to ...' button in the top right of the service's page to make it avaialble to all users in your company.

Service transfer