Editor Guide

Instructions for finding work, completing jobs, getting paid and increasing your network

Repixl is a place for you as a professional image editor to find work, and be rewarded fairly for your time

We strive to make the process of doing professional image editing work as simple and rewarding as possible, and provide the best place to work that we can. You are free to work on the jobs that you choose, when you choose and from wherever you choose. You are paid fairly for the time that you spend editing images, and you are under no obligation to complete any minimum or maximum number of images.


Jobs break down into two parts - accessing and working on .

Your access to new jobs is dependent on your skill in performing jobs of a similar type. The higher quality work that you do, the more jobs you will be able to access. This section explains the job board where you can browse jobs, the way jobs are categorised and how you can access jobs faster in the future.

Jobs are designed to be as simple as possible to work on. The working section explains what you'll see when you view an available job - how to claim and complete a job , and how to make sure that the quality is as good as possible. It explains the time limits for jobs and the quality control procedure that a job goes through after it has been completed.


The payments section of the guide explains how much you are paid, and how you get paid. It explains how you log your time for a job, how much you are paid for that time , and how to set up your payment details so that you can receive payments.

The Network

Understand how Repixl can help you win more business, and how you can help contribute to the success of the community. Learn how to set up your public profile and use it to pitch to clients and refer other editors to Repixl.