Editor Guide: Access Time

The time you must wait before you can claim a new job. The better your quality, the sooner you can access new jobs.

When a client posts a new job, you will not be able to access it immediately. It will appear on your job board , but it will be grayed out and you will see a timer underneath it:

Job unavailable

When the progress meter is full, and the counter reaches 0:00:00 then you will be able to access the job to work on it.

How it's calculated

You have an access time for each category . The specific access time for that category is based on the quality scores of the last 10 jobs that you have completed in that category.

The average quality score for these jobs is calculated as a percentage, and then multplied by the maximum access time - 03h 00m 00s . For example, quality scores of 3 , 7 , 5 , 5 , 8 , 5 , 2 have an average of 5.0 . This equals 50.0%, which means the access time would be 01h 30m 00s .

How to improve it

Your access time will increase if you achieve high quality scores for future jobs. When you work on a job you will see previous, similar jobs. They will show the before & after images and the quality score awarded. This will give you a benchmark to help you assess the quality of your own work.