Editor Guide: Completing Jobs


If a job is avaialable, and you have not reached your jo limit, use the 'Claim' button in the top right to claim the job.

Job claim

You will be shown the maximum amount of time from now that you may take to complete the job, and a second option to confirm. Press 'Confirm' to remove the job from the job board, and commit to completing it within the time allocated.

Job claimconfirm

The details on the left will update to show that the job has now been claimed.

Job details accepted


You do not need to start the job immediately. When you are ready to start the job, press the 'Start' button in the top-right, where the 'Claim' button was previously.

Job start

The details on the left will update to show that the job is now in progress.

Job details working


On the right hand side you will see a thumbnail of the image to be edited. There is a download button in the top right that will download the original version of the image. Perform all work on this downloaded image.

Job images before


In the middle of the page you will find the instructions for editing. Follow these instructions, and carry out the work on the iamge just downloaded.

Job instructions

Some images will have examples further down the page. These might include samples provided by the client, similar jobs that have already been completed (along with working times , working time scores & quality scores ), and rejected jobs for the same image that this job is for.

These examples will help you get a better idea of what is expected for the job.

Pausing & Resuming

You are not required to complete each job in one block of time. You can use the pause/resume buttons in the top right to stop the job timer temporarily, and then resume it when you begin work again.

Job pause
Job resume


When you have completed working on an image, press the 'Upload Completed Image' button in the top right of the job page. Select the correct file from your computer and press ok to upload it to the job. This will not submit your job for approval yet.

Job upload completed

When the upload is successful, the 'after' image will appear on the right side of the page.

Job images complete


When you are happy with the completed image that you have uploaded, press the 'Submit' button in the top right.

Job submit

You will be asked to confirm submission, after which the job will be submitted for quality control .

Job completeconfirm

If successful, the details on the left will update to show that the job is now pending approval.

Job details pending approval