Editor Guide: Hourly Rate

The amount you are offered per hour for a job. Improve it with more efficient work.

With Repixl, you won't need to negotiate a price for your work again. For each job, you are offered a specific hourly rate, depending on which category the job is and how efficiently you've done similar work in the past.

How it's calculated

You have an hourly rate for each category . The specific access time for that category is based on the working time scores of the last 10 jobs that you have completed in that category.

The working time score is a score that represents how appropriate the amount of time that has been recorded is for the amount of work that has been done , it is not simply a score for how fast you work.

The average working time score for these jobs is calculated, and then a formula is applied to calculate your hourly rate:

Average Working Time Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Hourly Rate £0.41 £0.61 £0.91 £1.36 £2.03 £3.03 £4.52 £6.74 £10.05 £15.00

How to improve it

Your hourly rate will increase if you achieve high working time scores for future jobs. When you work on a job you will see previous, similar jobs. They will show the before & after images, the time spent, and the working time score awarded. This will give you a benchmark to help you manage your own time.