Editor Guide: Network Profile

Use your network profile to win clients and increase your job limit

Your network profile is a publicly accessible page that tells the world who you are, and why you are part of the Repixl network.

Any visitors that view your profile page, and then go on to become either clients or editors, will join your personal network.

Setting Up

When you first visit the 'My Network' page, you will need to set up your profile. Press the 'Edit' button in the top right of the page to start. The boes at the bottom of the page will become editable:

Network profile setup

Complete the required fields, and press 'Save':

Profile Picture
A photo of yourself. Press the pencil button in the top right to choose a photo from your computer
Works From
Two or three words about where you're from. The country, city, or office space - it's entirely up to you.
Who am I?
A short description of who you are. Your background, skills & work experince in image editing.
Why am I here?
Why have you joined the Repixl network? Why do you like working here instead of elsewhere?
Why should you join me?
This is an opportunity to explain to other editors or potential clients why you think they'll benefit from joining Repixl. Explain why it is a good place for an editor to work, or how because of this, you are able to do better work for the clients whose images you work on.


The blue button in the middle of the page will take you to your public profile. Share this link with prosecptive editors and clients, and any that register after viewing your profile will be added to your network.

Network editors
Network clients